Your hair extension is changing color? Why?

This problem is more common than you may think, and most of the causes are avoidable. The 3-primary cause of the discoloration are chlorine, saltwater, and sun exposure and you can prevent those 3. CAUSE #1. CHLORINE It’s no news that chlorine isn’t good for your hair. This is especially true for extensions because they […]

Why Felps Professional?

Why Felps Professional products? It’s a question that we hear every day. The answer is SIMPLE! Try our products and you will see by yourself! FELPS PROFESSIONAL products are: Certified 0% FORMOL BIO formula 9 hair botox formula and 2 nanoplastia formula. No odor, no smoke Economic consumption Not tested on animals Thermal protection Yellow […]


Today, it exists a lot of hair straightening treatments, but some of them ruin your hair even more. In fact, some straightening treatment contain chemical ingredient like formol. However, the nanoplastia by Felps does not contain this chemical ingredient, so it will not ruin your hair after the treatment. That’s why nanoplastia is one of […]