Why Felps Professional?

Why Felps Professional products?

It’s a question that we hear every day. The answer is SIMPLE! Try our products and you will see by yourself!


  • Certified 0% FORMOL
  • BIO formula
  • 9 hair botox formula and 2 nanoplastia formula.
  • No odor, no smoke
  • Economic consumption
  • Not tested on animals
  • Thermal protection
  • Yellow neutralization
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting result
  • Accredited training offered
  • Worldwide reputation (45 offices)

Read more about Felps Professional: https://felps.ca/about-felps-professional/

10 thoughts on “Why Felps Professional?

    • Felps Professional Canada says:

      Straightening effect is based on amino acids & tanino acids (extracted from grapes). No chemicals in the products.

  1. Tehmina says:

    Hi i am medical and laser esthetician
    I want some of ur products
    How can i buy thay
    I can provide my esthetician diploma
    I am doung straightening from 3 years how can i buy nanopkastia and kertatine stuff
    I am really interested

    • Felps Professional Canada says:

      All the products are only for professional use. If you are NOT hairdresser licensed, you can not buy those treatments. As a hairdresser, we are not allow to buy aesthetics products as well.

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