Express Hair Botox

Only Felps has 9 hair botox formulas to choose from (6 express hair botox + 3 classic). As a technician, it gives you a better personalized client’s approach.

The express hair botox has similar advantages as regular hair botox, however, the effect of the express hair botox goes away in less time than the regular one (1-1.5 month).

Each express hair botox is specialized in specific field while the regular hair botox does it all in one.

  1. Hair Botox Bamboo: Hair Growth
  2. Hair Botox Verniz: Hair Gloss
  3. Hair Botox SOS: For Damaged Hair
  4. Hair Botox Marula: Hyper Nutrition
  5. Hair Botox Sou Loira: Best for Blonds
  6. Hair Botox Argila: Detox

Please note: Express Hair Botox is also available in mask that client can buy and do at home after receiving a treatment, that will help to let their hair stay healthy.

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