Hair Botox

A lot of treatment for the hair exist on the market. How to choose THE best?

Most of them act only on the superior part of the hair (cuticle) and not on the inside part (cortex). The hair botox treatment is the procedure who is the most helpful for the restoration of the hair going up to the cortex.

The hair botox is an effective treatment that will sealed at 80% forked tip. The result of hair botox is a cumulative, which mean that the treatment will stay over a long period.

The hair botox treatment will repair your damaged hair. This treatment is especially built to reestablish the health of your hair by treating them from the inside. The hair botox procure a shiny aspect and remove all the frizz. Your curly hair will stay curly but full of life and bright!

This treatment is for the people who have damaged hair from past coloration or by the environment. A lot of ingredients like amino acid, oils, collagen, hyaluronic acids will come save your hair!

The treatment will give:

  • Intense hydration
  • Shiny
  • Grow hair
  • Flexibility
  • Resistance
  • Health
  • No more frizz
  • Elasticity

20 thoughts on “Hair Botox

  1. Melissa Ortega says:

    I have a client who wants to come in for a color retouch but also wants the Hair Botox; do you recommend doing both the same day? If not, which service do you suggest I do first? Thank you! Mel

  2. Sharon says:

    Which Botox treatment is best for first be hair that doesn’t want to lose a lot of volume , but want to control frizz from humidity

    • Felps Professional Canada says:

      In some cases hair botox will not remove 100% frizz. Less volume reduction is XBTX hair botox. Thank you

  3. Sukh Dhillon says:

    I am interested to add add Nanoplastia and hair Botox treatments at my salon. Can you send me more details how can I order and training please.
    Sukh Dhillon

  4. Rose says:

    Hi, can pregnant women get nanoplastia and hair Botox?
    Also, can you apply hair Botox with extensions? I know a few people that do but I was told you couldn’t during training.

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