Your hair extension is changing color? Why?

This problem is more common than you may think, and most of the causes are avoidable.

The 3-primary cause of the discoloration are chlorine, saltwater, and sun exposure and you can prevent those 3.


It’s no news that chlorine isn’t good for your hair. This is especially true for extensions because they are typically more porous than natural hair meaning they absorb more easily the chlorine. Therefore, extra precautions must be taken to keep your extensions from not only changing color but also becoming dry and brittle.

You will need to protect your hair before even entering in chlorinated water. Be sure to soak your hair thoroughly with clean water. Then apply some good Conditioner or spray a Leave-In Conditioner onto your hair (focusing on the ends). This will give the hair extensions a barrier of protection by preventing them from soaking up as much chlorine as they would without protection.

Finally, attach your hair and now you’re ready to swim! But don’t forget to rinse up after with clean water to make sure the chlorine doesn’t stay on your hair.


Much like chlorine, saltwater tends to strip hair of its moisture, therefor, the hair becomes dry and brittle. Then again, apply some good conditioner or spray a leave in conditioner onto your hair (focusing on the ends) before going for a swim and don’t forget to attach your hair!

Though the sea can be more aggressive on the hair than the chlorine, so in addition of rinse it up after the swim, you may be needed to apply a Leave-In Conditioner after getting out of saltwater. This should restore most of the healthy oils that the sea will absorb.


Much like how the sun can damage your skin if you stay a long time under it, it can also do some damage to your hair. The sun can strip the pigments from your extensions and even your real hair, exposing the original undertones. When it happens, it can cause dryness, fuzziness, and tangling. Just like skin, hair also needs some protection during the long summer months.

One method is to keep your hair exposure to the sun to a minimum by wearing a hat. If you don’t want to cover up those luscious hair of yours, you can always use a Leave-In Conditioner, with UV Protection.

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